We performed a hardfork recently ==> witnesses need to update their nodes

in witness •  5 months ago


    ==> login to your server
    ==> Empty your data folder aka. /home/yourusername/.bearsd/

    Here is a simple guide, on how to do that.

    Backup your config file first.

    cp .bearsd/config.ini .

    Remove everything inside of .bearsd directory

    sudo rm -rf .bearsd/*

    Copy your config file back into the directory

    cp config.ini .bearsd/

    Now start your node.
    it is recommended to run your node inside of screen

    sudo apt install screen
    screen -S bearsd
    sudo bearsd 

    ==> After starting your node again and syncing to network, it will start producing blocks again.
    ==> you don't need to change your binary

    Bilal Haider

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      Great news for bearshares


      @fedkese It is indeed a good news :)

      What doing this hardfork? I didn't follow news.


      @kolobok there were few guys, spamming and abusing bearshares and with their leeched powers they started flagging people for no real reason.

      I forked them out of here.

      I was trying to convince them not to do that kind of abuses, Its been more than 6 months, so I gave them enough time for it but they were not listening so I decided to fork them out, and save fellow bears from their abuses.
      No changes in protocol