Weekend Recap

in weekend •  6 days ago

    Hi Friends,

    I had a good, long weekend, and hope each of you did as well!

    The weekend started early as I was off of work for Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday. We spent a lot of time with family over Thanksgiving and on Friday and ate lots of great food. My wife was under the weather on Thursday, so I was managing the kids by myself at the relatives, but it went good and they had fun too.

    Saturday and Sunday were spent mostly around the house. We did a lot of playing inside and outside. It was slightly rainy on Saturday, so the kids and I played in the rain all afternoon until it got dark. We did the same thing on Sunday, though the weather was better. I also had the football games on during the time we were inside, so I enjoyed that too as it had been a while since I got some football in.

    Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend:



    All in all, pretty nice!

    Thanks for coming by,

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      Looks like a fun time!

      My fantasy team actually did well this week. Too late though.