Weekend Recap

in weekend •  5 months ago

    Hi Friends,

    The weekend is already over and I hope it was a good one for you... it was a nice weekend for me!

    On Saturday, we took it easy in the morning then headed over to a birthday party for one my nephews which my kids had a lot of fun at. It was a bit warm so the fact that they had kiddie pools and a wet bounce house made it better.

    We came home for naps, and then went and met my parents in law for dinner. It was a good time, but I ate too much pasta! Ha! On Saturday night, Jacob wanted to have a “sleepover” in the living room, so he and I made a makeshift bed area and slept out there all night... fun times!


    On Sunday, we went to church and then took it easy the rest of the late morning/early afternoon. In the afternoon, the kids played outside with mom and the neighbors and I went to a meetup with some Steemians... I will post more about the meetup shortly!

    Then, the weekend over! A good one, but too fast!

    Thanks for stopping by today,


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      Sounds like a fun time was had by all!

      Did you and steemians figure out how to get the price of steem to go higher?


      Our only idea was to give a block to Lebed and other pumpers and tell them to get out there and promote! Hehe!

      Of course, that is kind of what Weku tried to do with Banfield and that went nowhere... 2 posts and then powered it down!


      Did he really? Did he sell it?