Weekend Recap

in weekend •  11 days ago

    Hi Friends,

    The weekend is over and it was a fun one for me.

    I posted about this already, but I took Friday off so it was a long weekend - that was the museum day.

    On Saturday, we took it a little slower as we got a nice breakfast from a local bakery and played outside nearly all day. We then were able to go out on a date night as my mom came over to watch the kids in the evening. We had a nice time on our date and met up with another couple for dinner and bowling. I bowled Ok - shot a 138 and a 165 - good enough to beat everyone else!

    On Sunday, we went to church in the morning and then came back and head leftovers for lunch. Jacob and I took some remote control cars and went to a local park/lake to ride them around while Kendra took a nap. We had a good time there and played inside the house the rest of the afternoon with the NFL football games on in the background.

    Overall, a good weekend! Here are a few pics:




    Thanks for coming by today,

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      Looks like a fun time!

      Any fish in there?