Today Started Working on the Wallet App..

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    Started Working on the Wallet App.
    Here is what was the plan

    Create Wallet App for both platforms, Android and iOS

    Progress so far?

    As soon as I got myself out of renewal tension started working on app

    I created a few design/mockups, doing the design/mockup things in actual code, so that once I have those screens ready, I can start working on back-end right away.

    Note: These designs can change cause it's just first day...

    1. Creating in React Native
    2. Using Visual Studio Code (text editor)
    3. InkSpace to created Logo
    4. Took inspiration, from a few applications
    5. Watched a few youtube videos, and taken a few React Native cources.

    So Screens?

    1. Welcome Screen

    1. Sign in / Login Screen

    2. Sign up/ Register Screen

    3. Dashboard Screen (after user logs in, sees this screen)

    4. Side Menu (swiping, or clicking on menu button will open it..)

    5. BEARs menu (Where user can see his balance, and transaction features.)

    There are more screens, which I could not show

    I am just so tired, will complete remaining mockups/designs by tomorrow, then will start working on backend. I think it will take not more than a week to complete this :)

    Bilal Haider

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      Looks great. You are a very motivated individual.

      What will the Cashout feature do? Convert to BTC?


      I have not thought about it, but the idea about converting into BTC is not bad.

      Terima kasih atas informasinya