Adventures In Greece

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    A lot of people have asked me why I decided to do a project that actually requires me too work my ass off instead of one where everything is done for me. The #DiscoverSyros project is all about my passion for an island that my mother was from.

    It was also an opportunity for me to test my instincts with content creators and bringing the right mix of people together on a campaign. Were there things I would change? Sure. That's what makes it all interesting and when you look back on stupid things you would do differently, make you laugh.

    If you are interested in the backstory... It's HERE on my personal blog. Why I chose this particular island and what I hope to accomplish.

    We knew we needed to arrive early because even with the best planning there will always be things out of your control.


    We sailed on Blue Star Ferries from the Port of Piraeus to Syros about six days before the event to get acclimated to the city and to check logistics/make adjustments wherever necessary.

    When we arrived we were immediately met and whisked away to our home for the next five days, a small hotel (in the seaside village of Galissas) Ventoura Studios and Apartments.

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      Awesome place and click.


      Thank you my dear!


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