My Trip, My Adventure ๐Ÿšถ Exploring the Beauty of the Waterfall on the Summit of Geumpang Mountain

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    Hello traveler all..
    On this occasion I would like to share with you all about an adventure we explore the beauty of the waterfalls that are on the top of Mount Geumpang.

    Capture 2020-02-24 18.11.30.jpg

    Capture 2020-02-24 18.10.24.jpg

    The hard journey for us to climb the mountain with a considerable distance, and high mountains, it takes hours to get to the destination location, which is the object of the natural beauty of the waterfall.

    Capture 2020-02-24 19.30.27.jpg

    Capture 2020-02-24 19.27.12.jpg

    Capture 2020-02-24 19.35.14.jpg

    The location we passed was full of uninhabited forests and rapids.

    Capture 2020-02-24 20.08.07.jpg

    Capture 2020-02-24 19.52.02.jpg

    But all that will pay off when we get to the object of the waterfall, with enchanting natural beauty.
    Dah, gitu aja..

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