GoPro Stock Smashed

in stocks •  10 days ago

    Hi Friends,

    One of the stocks that I had the highest hopes for - GoPro Inc ticker GPRO – has dropped by 30% recently, even after faltering over the last year and a half.


    It goes to show that, despite how good your research is and strong the reasons are for buying the stock, you just never know how an individual company will do.

    I still believe the stock is a buy, and feel it is significantly undervalued. I do not feel the action cam industry is a “fad” and believe that the core product has a lot of value, and the industry continue to expand in the future. The company has had challenges managing inventory, often at key times of year (like the Christmas holiday season) and recently dropped guidance for the year due to production delays, which was the big reason for the drop.

    I blame a lot of this on the current CEO, who is the founder – Nick Woodman. He isn’t exactly a corporate executive, and it can be hard to let your brainchild go, but having a CEO who understands market and investor expectations and is driven to meet them is essential to maintaining corporate value, which I feel is holding GoPro back at the moment.

    Regardless, of the reason, I still am bullish, and have added a little to my position to average down.

    Do any of you also own this stock?

    Thanks for coming by today,


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      I always kind of thought this was more of a one trick wonder... as cameras continue to get better in cell phones, I always wonder what the market for gopros might be. On the flip side, it has a name brand, and perhaps it is take out target above current prices?

      Hope you didn't get hurt too badly on this one though B-man!