The Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo

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    The Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo

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    There are very some speedful football player in the world . Cristiano Ronaldo is one of them. Cristiano is the most popular and talented player football world . Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Mali,s house of Portugal . His mother worked other person house for their maintain family . They lived in a small babbit house .His family members were six total. He is a successful football player in Real madrid . They played Real madrid club. Real madrid is situated in Spain . At present there are some most rich football player . Cristiano Ronaldo is one of them. Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeiray of Portugal , 5 February 1985. His full name is Cristiano Ronaldo the Santosh Aveiro . His father was American precedent and Actor Ronaldo Regan,s fan. His father kept his name as a actor Ronaldo Regan . Ronaldo has one brother and two sisters . His family condition is very most miserable . In a word his family condition was not good. From childhood he played football game . When his age was eight years old , he started to played non proffessional football team. Personally he is very emotional . Some people call ronaldo as " Cry Baby ". He is very speedful player . He has more speed from Rocket . He fighted with teacher . Because that teacher called bad name . For this reason teacher found out Ronaldo from school . After that he focused more attentively . His attention effected his life . He always dreams about football . He keeps football on his bed . He sleeps with football . When his age was 15 years old , doctor said that ronaldo is very ill. His main disease was his heart . Doctor suggested Ronaldo that Ronaldo will leave football forever . Doctor had his heart surgery . His operation became successful . After operation he focused fulfil football. Suddenly he dispointed. Because suddenly his father had died . His father is a drank person . He promised that Ronaldo will not drink vintage. After his father death his family condition was not good. Then his mother started to work other person house . He has more patience ,and worker hard mind . At present he played Real madrid . He is kind man . He expenses 21 million Euro every year for Social development . One time He expenses 79 thousand dollars , one illness child for treatment . That child age was 10 years old . He provide his blood two times every year . Recently one recearchment centre said Ronaldo that Ronaldo is the most kind player in the world . The pilipinas centre provided award
    " Person of the year "2016. He won golden shoe 2011. He sold that shoes very cheap rate for helping pilipinas helpless people . He made 5000 house for Refugees of Sirea . He do not like dispute country. He want to provide money for earthquake of nepal . But nepal govt do not agree. For this reason he provided money for nepal people from "Save the children " He provides gants many cancer hospital . He visited Indonesia 2006 . Because Sunami attacted Indonesia . He sold his sports equipment very cheap rate . He collected 66000 pound .He provided indonesia govt. When Ronaldo was 16 years old , he started to play as a professional football player Sporting CP. Dipling impressed his skill. Arbort fenthona has more contribution for his career . Because his friend do not goal for his , his friend passes him . Ronaldo provides goal . When his age was 16 years old , he achieved 34 Goal cap with 18 Goals . He participited 2002 Champion leage over 17. Sporting team ditched Manchester united . Ronaldo showed good performance that match. Sir Alex fargusne impressed his performance . Devid begam provides his 7 no Gercey. That clup expensed for ronaldo 17 millions. For manchester club popularity ronaldo has more contribution . In 2009 he joined Real madrid club. Real madrid had agreement 132 millions dollars. First season he score 40 goals spanish leage . In 2013 He played 10th Offa Champion leage Real madrid .He score 89 goals that season. At present Real madrid provides Ronaldo Salary 225 million dollar . At present he is the most rich and phool ar successful football player . He scored 50 goals as Portugal team. He plays table tennis and Basscatball . He built a measeum his madera beach of portugal. He has two sons and one daughter . His frist son name is Ronaldo junior . Between twin his second son name is matheo. His daughter name is Eva. Ronaldo is skillful football player . It has no any doubt about his skill . Every person know that he is the most talented football player .

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