‌‌‌ Nowadays Virender Sehwag is on social media.

in sports •  5 months ago

    Hello friends, I am talking today. My favorite player is He is former Indian opener Virender Sehwag. Which are quite active in social media nowadays. He keeps talking to his fans. And share photos with them. He sometimes asks questions too. Which is quite a pleasure to answer. To which his followers keep answering. He always asks a question on Twitter. Answers are different for all people. Depend on What is the right opinion of that question. A few days ago Sehwag has asked a question. I should make the selector. Yes or no A lot of answers have come. And the question of everyone is appearing differently. Some people say That you become the selector. Some say Please do not be a selector. It depends on the opinion of the people.
    I have a picture from a few days ago. What I want to share in front of you. I hope. That it is a great player for me.


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      He's joined the social media craze


      thanks you my friend!