India World Test Championship Schedule

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    Hello friends, today we are going to talk about how many matches will be there if the Indian team wants as much as the Indian team test championship, today we will discuss about it, so let's know in detail.

    You will be aware that at the moment the test championship running from 2019 to 2021 is going on and India team is at NO 1 in the points table, India team is currently playing a Test series with South Africa and won the first Test match. Also, before this, the Indian team has defeated the West Indies in two Tests. The Indian team has reached number 1 in the points table after winning 3 matches with South Africa's first match. Indian team is the only team that has played three matches so far and has won all three matches. After the end of the Test series from South Africa, the Indian team is to play a 2 Test series with Bangladesh, the first Test will start from 14 November and the second Test will be from 22 November, after that the 2 Test series is to be played with New Zealand which is the first Test. February 21 and the second Test will start from February 29, followed by a 6 Test match with Australia which will run from November 2020 to January 2021, and then finally a 5 Test match with England. To play f which is to be held in january 2019.

    According to the test championship rules, two test matches get 40 points for winning a test match in a series, 40 points for each match in a 3 match series, 24 points for every match in a five match series. That is, the Indian team has reached 160 points after winning 3 matches and there will still be 10 matches to reach the final.


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