According to new rule, now TV umpires will give no-balls

in sport •  5 months ago


    Hello friends, Today I'm going to tell you Interesting new rule about no-ball, according to the ICC new rule TV umpires will decide the no-ball. Let's know in more details.

    After much controversy over umpires in IPL and World Cup, ICC made a new rule of umpires in which no-ball decisions will be given by TV umpires. After the no-ball from the TV umpire, the ball will no longer be recognized. We have seen the wrong decision of Umpires in the semi-final of the IPL, MS Dhoni came on the field during the match and there was some debate with the umpires, After that, the umpires and the ICC caused a lot of controversies, everyone had different opinions on it. In view of this, the ICC had to take these steps. A wrong decision by umpires can change the entire match. After this rule, the field umpires will not be under much pressure to take the decision of no-ball. This new rule will help the field umpires immensely. Currently, this new rule has not been implemented yet. This new rule will be trial within 6 months then the new rule will apply in all formats cricket games.


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