Went For A Run

in run •  7 days ago

    Hi Friends,

    I got a run in last night, which felt good. I did 5.8 miles in about 50 minutes, which equates to a pace of around 8 and half minutes per mile. I was active around lunch time as well, so that added up to 7.8 miles for the day.


    I was going to use the actifit app and make my post but I guess you can only post your current day activity - oh well.

    I was mostly running around the city this time but did find a horse trail that I followed for a bit. I usually run at night and it was a beautiful night in the mid 60 degrees out, which is perfect running whether.

    Here is a pic from the run:


    Even though I was very active, I still have not yet made it to the Actifit daily leaderboard for number of steps.. yesterday was 14,400 and 20th place (lowest spot) on the leaderboard had over 20,000 steps… there are some active people on this platform!

    Thanks for coming by today,


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