Renewing Domain name was a challenge ..

in renewal •  6 months ago

    Hi, was registered 25th of September last year, and the renewal date was close, I was genuinely worried about renewal.
    I had to renew it, otherwise, I could have lost the name.
    I am sharing a few challanges, I had to face to just renew the domain name.

    I am skipping the story, (burned the IC of laptop, taking it to mechanic (twice) and fixing it)

    My wallet was empty, (challenge no 1) :p

    I borrowed a few dollars from a friend, enough to extend the domain, got funds in mobile wallet, transferred to bank account. as soon as I transferred tried using my visa debit card to pay.
    I came to know, that my bank changed its policy and no longer allows debit cards to be used for online purchases

    Find an alternative way to make payment (challenge no 2)

    Luckily, the bank now offers, Virtual cards, that I can use to make online payments

    Funds not enough to create virual card (challenge no 3)

    Soon after I knew I can make virtual card, then use it for payment, I tried creating one but my balance was again just not enough. So I had to take those few dollars from bitshares and use them

    Transfering funds from bitshares to Bank, and then create virtual card (challenge no 4)

    Had only a few dollars in bitshares account, 18$ to be exact(after the dumpster dumped his token, I wasn't left with enough funds), accepting international remittance, would normally take upto 7 business days, and transfer costs are there. I thought this many dollars just won't be enough.
    But found a way, through, It can take bitcoin, and send money to my mobile wallet instantly with very low costs.

    But the route, from bitshares to isn't easy either.

    1. First transfer bitcoins, to Bitpay wallet,
    2. Then from Bitpay wallet, to, (bitcoin will convert into usd)
    3. Then from to mobile wallet, (usd will convert into my local currency)
    4. Then from Mobile wallet to Bank Account.

    Ok, so first step From bitshares to bitpay.. another challenge..

    Amount is small, needed a gateway, that would allow me to transfer it to my personal wallet. (challenge no 5)

    Normally gate way, won't allow this small amount be withdrawn, like open-ledger wouldn't allow .. I found another bridge called, they would make a withdrawal as low as 0.0006 BTC..

    So decided to use them, and placed withdrawal request..

    Crypto-bridge node was down, and they didn't send the payment even after 12 hours (challenge no 6)

    joined their discord, requested them to make the payment, luckily I found support, and after creating the ticket they made the payment.

    Ok so, I have few dollars in bitcoin(18$), now get them to the bank? (challenge no 7)

    I used bitpay application, and, and luckily for me, skrill would take bitcoin, and instantly send cash to my mobile wallet :) and It did

    From mobile wallet to bank account, is also instant :) (challenge no 8)

    After getting those few dollars to my bank, I created the virtual master card, and payed for renewal.

    This process took more than 7 days
    but finally, Domain name is renewed :)

    some tasks look simple, but require a lot of effort

    During this time, I could not work on the wallet App but now that I am free from this tension. I can get back to work :)

    Bilal Haider

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      Really Hard Work You Put On This Platform One We Will Be On Top List Don't Worry


      We can continue moving forward, no matter how slow.. :)

      When I signed up, I received a posting key, used to steem I found weird i had no active key...

      Now I try to change some things, I type my posting key in, but it says broadcasting error...

      Seems to me I need an active key, but I never got one ( i am super cautious with my keys and save them on several places to never lose them, i am sure i never had active key)

      I tried changing my pwd, failed, probably for same reason

      So, can you please tell me what i am missing or doing wrong?


      You need to use owner key, to change your account's password :)


      which is nowhere to be found, would it be possible to take contact with you to reset it or something while proving who I am ?


      talk to me, via discord
      Maybe I can find your owner key in the company email box. if you have not changed the keys.
      otherwise it is not possible for me to recover.


      Working great, thank you very much

      Good work brother


      Thanks so much :)

      Dont worry @bilalhaider we all are with u.


      Thanks a lot for the support :)