Fresh Life - Poem

in poetry •  2 months ago


    Dreams are many,
    Many to count,
    What keeps the evil at bay,
    When the night turns red,
    When hopelessness descends,
    A fresh new flower,
    A fresh flower,
    Life to it,
    All of that and more.

    As I closed my eyes to a dream,
    Waking up to see it shattered,
    A rude waking up to the reality that is life,
    That usually is what exactly is,
    It was hard to gamble anymore,
    Hard to dream again,
    But to accept,
    Accept I did,
    And have been,
    All this damn life.

    Yet I prayer,
    For hope,
    That a new flower can be caressed,
    For that dream to come true,
    However impossible it may seem to be,
    It will be true,
    With a little bit of faith.

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