Plant Update

in plants •  6 months ago

    Hi Friends,

    It has been a little while, so I thought I would give you an update on my little garden.

    I am happy to report that the jalapeno plant has caught a second wind after a first harvest, and I now have about 15 little peppers growing… check them out:


    This was a relief, as I got an initial 10 peppers, but that the plant had been mostly dormant for a month until it recently sprung back to life. Not sure what triggered it, but all of a sudden, peppers started growing everywhere!

    If you recall, the cherry tomato plant had some tomatoes grow, but then a pair of caterpillars decided to eat them all and I let them have at it due to the kid’s fascination with watching the caterpillars all the time. Well, now the caterpillars have moved on (or maybe made their cocoons/hatched?) and I am starting to get a few cherry tomatoes growing. There are not many offshoots from the main stalk, so the tomatoes have not been plentiful, but the main stalk looks healthy, so perhaps there is still hope to get a few this season. Here is the current status of the plant:


    That is the update for today. I think I am a week or two out from a nice jalapeno harvest, which has my mouth watering already!

    Thanks for coming by,


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      Looking healthy and spry!

      It is still too hot here to grow much of anything, well besides weeds.