The Unexplained Disappearance Of Claudia Kirschhoch:

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    In May 2000, Claudia Kirschhoch was an assistant editor for Frommer’s Travel Guides in New York.

    Following a delayed flight from Jamaica back to New York, Claudia stayed at the Beaches Resort in Negril. The last known sighting of her was walking on the beach. She was never seen again. All her possessions remained in her hotel room.

    It was reported she’d become close to bartender Anthony Grant during her stay.

    He called in sick the day after she disappeared.

    He was investigated and despite a strand of her hair found in his car and her scent detected in the boot of his car, he was never considered a serious subject.

    Claudia’s disappearance still remains a mystery, this is the full story


    29-year old New Yorker, Claudia Kirschhoch, was offered a paid work trip to the new Sandals resort in Cuba in 2000. The travel writer met up with other travel writers and arrived in Montego Bay on 24 May 2000. Unfortunately, visa problems led to them being stranded in Jamaica and unable to fly back to New York since flights were fully booked for the next week.

    Claudia and a fellow writer, Tania Grossinger, then went to the Sandals resort in Negril instead. They stayed at the resort for three days before managing to book a flight out of Jamaica. However, Claudia wasn’t ready to leave. She and Tania had breakfast together before Tania’s flight. That afternoon, Claudia took a stroll on the beach and disappeared.

    Claudia’s parents called the company she worked for after a couple of days of struggling to get in touch with their daughter. They received the shocking news that Claudia never returned to work. When Claudia’s hotel room was searched her passport, phone and flight ticket to New York were all there. Management at the hotel seemingly didn’t care that the room might contain clues to Claudia’s disappearance and they simply rented it out to other visitors. It wasn’t long before Claudia’s phone disappeared as well as the logbook that recorded all license plate numbers of cars entering and exiting the resort.

    It was discovered that Claudia spent time with a bartender named Anthony Grant who called in sick the day after Claudia vanished. He stayed away from work for four days and when police finally got hold of him, he admitted that he and Claudia saw each other on 26 May. He denied any involvement in her disappearance even though sniffer dogs traced Claudia’s scent to the trunk and back seat of his car. He was never named as a suspect or arrested on any charges.

    Claudia’s parents searched non-stop for their daughter, but she was officially declared dead in 2002. Her fate remains unknown.

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