Are You a “Man”

in man •  9 days ago

    Hi Friends,

    I feel continuous self-improvement is a prudent thing for everyone, and I accomplish this a few different ways. One way is to watch certain YouTube videos which I believe can add value to my life.

    I watched one video the other day from the Order of Man which I liked a lot and can give you an insight to my perspective on being a man and living life. Here is the info:


    It is titled 8 Skill Sets Every Man Needs to Master. Its not a short video – 35 minutes long, but I feel the points are right on and are things that I continue to work on in my own life.

    So, are you a “man” yet who has mastered these skills? (Sorry if you are a woman, as this post may not be particularly relevant!)

    Let me know if watched the video and found whether you find it interesting/helpful.

    Thanks for coming by today,

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      I feel less like a man after reading this...

      Though, admittedly I have not watched the video yet... any cliff notes on what these 8 skills are? :)