Don't let fear over shadow your greatness.

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    Don't let fear over shadow your greatness.

    Because of fear, most people don’t dream big. Because of fear, even those who dream big do not start working on them. Because of fear, those who start working on their dreams end up quitting too early. ~ by: Israelmore Ayivor ,Leaders' Ladder

    What is fear?

    Fear from the English dictionary is defined as a feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something or the safety of someone.

    That is what fear is. One thing we must know is that as soon as this feelings settles in us we are bound to see failure. It is very necessary to know your fears and how to control them. Every one of us here on earth has something we are afraid of. That is the real truth about life and what it gives. Life always presents to us something to be afraid of, all you need to do is to identity it and learn how to overcome that fear.

    One thing about fear is that it makes people like you and I not to dream big, it makes us feel we are weak and can't do it as others are doing. As soon as fear settles in, the life in us begins to drawn and begin to lose all trust in oneself. That is how far and beyond fear can go if it is not tamed and destroyed. Fear if not tamed will end up destroying your present and your future. You can do better if you are ready to let go of that fear. Just see it as a doom and that it will end up stealing a lot of good things from you if it is not controlled. You can do better my friends, just take that step and fight your fears today. Do it , when it feels impossible, that is how you can start breaking those chains of fear in your life today.

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      @paajohnny lovely post :) I want to see more of these coming from you.
      ==> in order to overcome your fears, you need to become fearless
      I guess.


      Thanks very much for the support.
      I am very happy you love. You are right, to overcome your fears you must learn to be fearless.