Red bricks (local product of Acehnese people)

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    Apart from working as fishermen and farmers, the other side of the lives of the people of Aceh is also that many work as construction workers

    After the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2004, now almost every area is actively conducting rehabilitation and reconstruction. Both the government building, community facilities, socio-culture to the construction of houses for tsunami victims

    Amid the advances in the era of modern technology, the construction of various facilities and infrastructure in big cities is entrusted to the central government by bringing in some sophisticated and modern equipment, so that the process is quickly completed within the allotted time. Unlike the work done in remote areas that still use bricks, so the completion stage is also long

    Batu-Bata (local products of Aceh people)


    Along with the times, new thoughts and ideas have also emerged. the progress of modernization in all fields makes everyone have to work hard and think if they do not want to be left behind

    These bricks or red bricks are now one of the industries that are developing in several regions in Aceh, let alone increasing economic progress. The construction of facilities and infrastructure in various regions now uses many bricks as local superior products made from soil

    The use of bricks or red bricks is now increasingly extended to various corners in and outside the area, to build houses, government offices and places of worship. Even with a belief, bricks are now used to build multi-storey shops


    The process of making bricks is very unique, starting from choosing good soil, then the process of grinding, printing to burning. Unfortunately, on this occasion I could not show detailed pictures of each stage. Hopefully the next time I can show the details

    Now, red brick or brick is one of the industries that has a lot of workforce. Moreover, ordering stones has increased with the number of office buildings and real estate housing

    Even the production of red stone is currently experiencing increasingly rapid progress. In fact, most of the vacant land in front of or behind the house is made into a place to produce red bricks


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