Homeless Stole My Laptop

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    I had to go. When you have to go, you have to go. I was gone for a second. Not a literal second haha. But I was gone for several minutes, literally. I went off to the bathroom at the Portland Central Library in Portland, OR, around 05:30 PM, Thursday, the 16th of July of 2009. My laptop was gone from the table where I sat with other laptop users. So, I filled out a report and even drew a diagram for them and the library was able to identify the homeless Hispanic man (Matt Smith maybe?) that took my computer thanks to the security cameras. The police caught him as he was coming back to the library a day or so later. I didn't press charges. He might have removed some of my YouTube videos. I'm thankful for the police officers that helped. Wait, correction, I didn't go to the bathroom at that time. It turns out that I was printing something for my landlord. Oh, edit: it was probably not Matt Smith, well, unless if I didn't know him yet at that time or something.

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    Homeless Stole My Laptop

    2009-07-16 - Thursday - 05:30 PM - Origin - 2020-01-13 - Monday - 04:41 PM

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    Laptop Theft

    2009-07-16 - Thursday - 05:30 PM - Blogger | Steemit

    Thursday, July 16th, 2009: 5:30pm: At the Portland Central Library:

    Somebody Stole My Laptop, This Evening!

    I needed to print out an employment resume (& financial information for my landlord). Since my laptop, on the third floor (on the special study tables, made just for laptops), was not connected to the library's printers, I had to jump onto one of their computers, pull out the files (since I emailed myself it), jog down to the second floor, print out for one lovely dime.

    As I rose back up to the third floor, the librarian hawked me, "Was that your laptop," she glazed with her concerned owl eyes of grace. Plus, the librarian lady asked the last remaining hispanic gangster-like twenty-something year old man (who is always there), his shruddle followed with a prompt disapearance (as he was gone when I discovered this alteration to my life). My calm response shruddled "My bad," and the cop gave me some good advice, which included a number (to report it missing, to the cops), and to report it missing to the library, down stairs.

    6pm: as the library was closing: I fuddled back to my building, partook in some free watermellon from the second floor lobby. Dropped off my bag. Max up to the Lloyd Center as I cell-phoned my brother this situation, then jogged up Quest at SE 31st/Holgate for community health dinner. Their heart went out to me about this situation. But I am not going to let this get me down. "Do I look sad?" I asked the man I was eating with, "It probably didn't hit you yet," he answered. I replied, "But what can I do? I mean, people will cry. That is what we do. But you cannot cry forever. You eventually have to get over it. So. I am not going to let this tear me down"


    My laptop is grey. It is a Gateway. Pentium 4. It has a Freegeek and Revolution Hawaii stickers. It had this "DVD06" DVD, featuring my home video project. One GB of RAM. 40 GB of Hard Drive. It was originally Windows XP. Now, it has Linux' Ubuntu 8.10 on it. The background wallpaper is a picture of Michael Jackson when he was around ten. The wallpaper is actually the picture to my Facebook profile. I do not even have the serial number to this laptop: so, should I still report it to the cops without the serial number, will they take me serious without it? The laptop also had a wireless card and white headphones. Plus, a partly broken black power cord. The DVD drive can come out of it, too, plus, the cover to that drive is missing. The Caps Lock key is missing off it, too. There are hours of DVD recorded home videos on its drive. There are unique folders, to help organize my thoughts, my things, my world, folders like the following:

    Home, Museum, Club, Office, Inbox, Log, Pog, Dog, Mog, DVD07, DVD06, DVD08, DVD09, Tog, Nog. Before it had Ubuntu 8.10, it had version 8.04. It has three basic partitions on it. One is around twenty GB: this one is almost full of my home videos. Another is around five GB. I had a lot of things saved on it. A lot of projects that I have been working on for most of my life.

    My Problem:

    All of those projects. That is what upsets me. Not the missing computer. But all of the things I was working on. But not things for me, either. It was not projects for my video games. I actually don't play much video games. Or movies. Or anything that is much fun. So. It always seems to get me down. I always have this heart for making the world a better place. I have left my computer out and about before. Even at Powell's. For hours. But it is just so very weird. I did not even like the computer. I told my brother, just last night, when we were talking about this, that I do not even like computers, well, I do not even like phones, or talking. As he stood silent for a second, I tried explaining that I only use them to get things done, to help people. But that is my only problem. All of those projects. I felt like I lost my heart. I feel like I don't even want to work on things anymore. But then again, I need to learn my lessons. Get back up. Do more backups. Do not stay down. Get back out there. Through Jesus.

    But I am not going to let all of this get me down. That is what I am tellig people, everywhere I go.

    I do not even have the serial number to this laptop: so, should I still report it to the cops without the serial number, will they take me serious without it?

    Posted by Joey Arnold at 9:32:00 PM


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