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    Food prices are doubling before the Summer of 2020. Japanese Hinoki Cypress Trees can save your life. Over 75% of all humans will get it or got it already. But let's pretend that only 50% will get it. If only 1% of those people end up dying, then how many is that, globally? 35 million people or more. Buy food while you still can. Stores in Italy are running out of food. Do you know why? Spoiler alert, new Fire Zombies in The Walking Dead simply breathe and the viruses spread from them through the air from person to person. Please call Rick Grimes. Have a gun. Collect food now before it is too late. This is your last warning. You were warned. I warned you. But you didn't listen.

    Pathetically Funny Donald Trump
    Japanese Hinoki Cypress Trees can save your life.

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    2020-02-25 - Tuesday

    Oatmeal Daily - 2020-02-25 - Tuesday

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    By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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    Published in February of 2020

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    01:37 AM - Keiser Report: QE, Not QE and Pandemic, Not Pandemic (Ep1506)

    Pathetically Funny Donald Trump

    03:08 AM - Steemit

    "I'd be richer than Solomon, Muskier and more pathetically funny than Donald Trump."

    What? Did I just mention Trump in my 2005 Xanga blog? Apparently, I did. Shocking as I, well outside of seeing The Donald as some rich old guy in Home Alone II and The Little Rascals reboot film of the 1990's, I didn't really know too much about Trump until I started watching Infowars and Alex Jones in 2016. I started promoting Trump For President early in 2016. But like I said, I didn't really know anything about the man other than that he would say, "You're fired."

    Pathetically Funny Donald Trump

    2005-11-14 - Monday - 03:15 PM EST - The 14th or fourteen or 14 of November or the eleventh or eleven or 11th or 11 month of the year of 2005, two thousand and five, by Oatmeal Joey Arnold, L4OJ, oatmealjoey, at WOLBI NY, in Pottersville, New York (NY), USA - 11/14/2005 - On Xanga

    2005-11-14 - Monday - 03:15 PM EST - Pathetically Funny Like Donald Trump Screenshot at 2020-02-25 02:21:09.png


    Being Great

    If you were Great, how great and who would you be? I'd be a Star-Pilot upon many Galaxies, the year would be AD 2,303 and my skills would be seven times beyond Luke Skywalker. I'd be worshipped and girls would kill and die for me.

    Richer & Funnier

    I'd be richer than Solomon, Muskier and more pathetically funny than Donald Trump, Faster than Spiderman and Batman combined. I'd be more loving than a Zeus or Jesus, more tricky than a Devil.

    Eyes of Eve

    However, being great comes before a fall. Being great was in the eyes of Eve, as she stated her Convictions above Doctrines of God which resulted in a sinful lie of "God said" instead of a "I Prefer not to Touch..." and her preference was her path towards being great, as in getting more even when God supplied for them all that they needed, with that wonderful Garden. Tower of Babel was made to be greater than God because they insisted in learning more about Creation [Astronomy] rather than the Creator.


    Titantic [also starting with letter T] was said to be greater in those words that "not even God could sink it." Satan said that he would become Greater in the words "I will" in Isaiah. God, however, gives grace and Exaltation to the Humble. Monday, 14 November 2005. 3:15 PM 5 Views 5 eProps 4 Comments email.

    2005-11-14 - Monday - 03:15 PM EST - Trump Highlighted Screenshot at 2020-02-25 02:29:28.png


    Yea, for me, I really remember Black and White which came in like 1992. I was seven. Also, Remember The Time. That featured Magic Johnson.


    03:28 AM - Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos (full film) | FRONTLINE

    why did the kobe helicopter have a fire before it crashed to the ground?

    5G fries the DNA


    2020-02-25 - Tuesday - 03:55 AM - 05:34 AM - Outlander 213


    James Jaimee as Doubting Thomas said the prince

    The witch was there in 1968, the one who went back in time and saved Claire by being burnt to the stake. Not a real witch but tried as a witch.

    He killed his uncle in self-defense

    Lord, you gave me a rare woman

    2020-02-25 - Tuesday - 05:35 AM - 06:30 AM - Outlander 301

    Will be shot. Got an hour to prepare

    diaper bag tea bags

    New new new

    Jaimee still alive?

    Gotta go back

    During the war, Jaimee fought that one man who raped him earlier and they both almost died and then the British found him and others and were shooting them for treason and yet a general or whoever let Jaimee live as he had like a life debt or something as Jaimee once spared his brother or something and that meant he didn't want his death to be on his head and so he sent him off in a wagon of hay back to his hometown


    09:30 AM - 11:00 AM - Dishes. Work prep too. Loaded the tiller machine onto the trailer. I was feeling kind of cranky. Maybe because I slept three hours plus maybe a two hour name or whatever from before that, like Monday night. Not sure exactly.


    12:00 PM - 04:00 PM - First, we had to drive to the place. Unloaded. I tilled a rectangle area for a garden. Now, my hands are sore. My back is ok. Tractor Supply store. Pins returned. Poodle. No. It rhymes with like Bermuda. No Bahrain. No, something else. Small dog thing. Cute. Rolls. 2 bottled waters. $50 cash. Rocks in the ground. To be continued Wednesday, the next day. Student driver in front of us. Nice truck. $50. No. Not really. Something on it being sold. Prison place, I saw. Interesting.


    Today, thought about how time could be the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions. Or possible up to 12 as in 9 on top of the three base dimensions of length, width, height, as to say 3x3=9+3 = 12. Perhaps time needs to be the three dimensions times three. I was thinking about Outlander. I was thinking about whether time travel is possible. Can matter exist in a time period twice? Can you go back in time and exist while another copy of you exists as well? I ask as I wonder if time is the 4th and or additional dimensions. And I don't even have time to talk about parallel universes, timelines, pocket universes, etc, etc.

    Trinity Dimensions

    I also thought about how life might be a simulation like Scott Adams suggested or mentioned. Not to sya we shouldn't care about life. But perhaps the spirit world is the base reality and dimension. Perhaps a secondary vortex of dimensions is that of time. Perhaps the third vortex is that of the world we live in and perhaps all of this is like a dream, a simulation, a thought from the collective of the Borg, I mean of God and humans. Well, maybe not. but it makes me wonder. Could we exist before we were born? Maybe not. But I don't know. If we were, then does that mean we were angels? I would say no but I don't know. Perhaps those who are aborted return to Heaven and become permanent angels. But then again, I don't know about that. But these are some of the thoughts I had today. That is concerning time, dimensions, time travel, timelines, universes, different Picards, angels, humans, realities, trying to make sense of many different things.

    04:00 PM - 05:45 PM - Tires moved. Cuz it time for summer tires for the truck. New rake. Nice. Strong. Comb garden beds to weed it out. Onmy list. Dishes. Dinner. Shower. Clippers.

    05:45 PM - 08:10 PM - Sleep. Rest my fingers. I was massaging my hands a bit too.

    Now, soup on ginger bread. I think it is ginger bread. Coffee. Typing all of this out as I've been offline since 06:30 AM. That's almost 14 hours of no computer time. Good break.


    08:41 PM - Disney CEO Bob Iger QUITS! Related to the Disney Star Wars Disaster?

    That Star Wars Girl Anna


    Suicide Squad should have had a focus on one main character as opposed to being too split and divided among the background characters.

    @RobbinDaHood My name is Happy Gilmore

    If you ladies made a movie, so many people would watch it.

    It's ok to be white. It's ok to be hot and shirtless.

    Angelina Jolie is Your Father

    I love Scarlett Johansson

    the petting zoo

    Welcome to the Anna Petting Zoo

    Racism vs Favoritism?

    Racism, Favoritism, Bias, Preferences

    Generalizations Are Needed

    @O.G. Starwars is probably right, that Mexico is included in the category we call Central America

    @Viking Finn did the virus bite you?

    @kenjackben ask Kenobi that question

    @kenjackben from a certain point of view

    @BadMojo are you a parody of Watch Mojo?

    Take Snapshots instead of a video you have to edit your hand out of.

    I use Ubuntu instead of Mac or Microsoft

    Bernie Sanders

    08:47 PM - Steemit

    Mille Weaver made an awesome video yesterday that talked about this.


    09:45 PM - ALEX JONES (Full Show) Tuesday - 2/25/20

    Japanese Hinoki Cypress Trees can save your life.

    Anarchy vs Freedom

    09:56 PM - Steemit

    I am doing things. You are not. You are simply telling me to die. You are telling me to do nothing. I am promoting actions that work.

    And you enjoy lying. So, you are Bernie Sanders. You make up stuff. I tell people to buy canned foods. I tell people to get solar panels. I tell people thousands of different things for many years. I talk about it. Thousands of articles. Thousands of videos. I share ideas. I network. I am always talking. Get water filters. Take Vitamin C. Call people up and tell them what they need to know.


    10:02 PM - Steemit

    It's complex and simple. It's a long story but some countries try to keep bad people from coming into their countries. Now, there are different ways to filter people. It is better to have borders.

    Artist Jessel

    10:09 PM - Steemit

    Jessel, I think you're a better artist than me and I've only went skiing maybe once or twice in the early 2000's during high school. You look like a winner. I love your passion as an artist, as a teacher. I'm inspired by your work. Keep up the good work, young soul.


    10:42 PM - Wikipedia

    Japanese Hinoki Cypress Trees can save your life. They contain molecules that can save you. Special ones. They work like medicine. What kind of thing? Like a linmen.

    Corona Virus Dance

    10:51 PM - Steemit

    Romelus Saladar, Spoiler Alert, the Wuhan dance ends with the dance till you drop to the ground dance, which includes people jumping out of windows, dropping to the ground, and much much more. Buy foods before your store run out food.

    Millions Dying

    10:56 PM - Facebook

    Over 75% of all humans will get it or got it already. But let's pretend that only 50% will get it. If only 1% of those people end up dying, then how many is that, globally? 35 million people or more. Buy food while you still can. Stores in Italy are running out of food. Do you know why?

    Fire Zombies

    11:02 PM - Facebook

    Spoiler alert, new Fire Zombies in The Walking Dead simply breathe and the viruses spread from them through the air from person to person. Please call Rick Grimes. Have a gun. Collect food now before it is too late. This is your last warning. You were warned. I warned you. But you didn't listen.


    11:07 PM - Facebook

    People in China at night, on the balconies of these buildings, screaming, as they are dying from the virus. I just saw the video. They are banning the video. Mark Zuckerberg will probably delete my Facebook very soon because I am telling you this.

    People in China are screaming. Did you hear that?

    How bad is the virus?

    11:21 PM - Steemit

    Are you prepared for the virus that millions of people are dying from in 2020?

    Favorite 1980's Sitcoms

    11:30 PM - Steemit - The 1980's - The 80's

    What were your favorite 1980's sitcoms? I remember Family Ties, Full House, Golden Girls, and ALF. Well, I was born in 1985 in Oregon. So, I don't remember a lot. But kind of remember at least these perhaps. The one I particularly remember is Full House.

    Family Ties - 1980's.jpg

    Favorite 1990's Shows

    11:37 PM - Steemit

    What are your favorite 90's shows? For me, I particular remember when the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR) premiered in the United States on Saturday, the 28th of August of 1993. Well, I was eight years old and I would religiously watch it daily at 04:30 PM weekdays and 08:30 AM on Saturdays. I started watching it less around 1998 or gradually over the years. I discontinued watching, regularly or even annually, after like 2004.

    What are your favorite 1990's shows?


    Favorite 2000's Films

    11:48 PM - Steemit

    What were your favorite 2000's movies? I particular remember watching Lord of The Rings (LOTR), the first two films for the first time back to back at the house of Matt Dooney or Jim and Becky Westberry the summer of 2003. I was so excited but had to wait until December to see the third film that same year. I would compare this trilogy to the original Star Wars trilogy because it tells a compelling story. In some ways, LOTR was one of the best told series ever, possibly more so than Game of Thrones even.

    What were your top 00's films?


    Favorite 2020's Shows

    11:58 PM - Steemit

    What are your favorite 2020's shows. I'm watching Outlander. It deals with, spoiler alert, time travel and love and patriotism. It is kind of like Game of Thrones fused with Back to the Future.

    What are your favorite 20's shows of this current decade?



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