let me join and introduce myself.


    hy all bearshares users, I am a newcomer to this platform, I am very happy to be able to join and make friends with all of you. I hope there are many new things, both knowledge and friends.

    that I can set as role models and also where I share stories. in this case I ask all my friends to accept and guide me in carrying out this plarform well.

    thank you and so a few short introductions from me, hopefully we can continue to share positive things on this platform.

    follow me @muddasir93-bears

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      Halo @muddasir93-bears, selamat datang di Bearshares. Kami menyarankan untuk postingan berikutnya menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia, kemudian jangan lupa menggunakan tagar komunitas #teamindonesia.