My Introductory Post - About Me

    Hello everyone!

    I want to use this medium to officially introduce myself to this wonderful platform.

    My name is Maxwell Marcus. I am a visual artist. I work with different mediums ranging from pen, pencil and oil color.


    I feel so honoured to be in the midst of Crypto enthusiasts and to this wonderful community after being flipping through and discovering this platform.

    I will be journeying through this life with an open heart and selflessness, pouring out my thoughts and experiences into my art and sharing them with joy and forlornness - as the case may be.

    Below is one of my pen drawing which I entitled "Passion". I will be sharing the full details and steps later.


    Aside art, I love discovering new things via researching and traveling and end up penning them down into my diary; we learn everyday.

    I am also a football lover with Spanish and Engish Premier leagues my best stake. I love watching wrestling as well. Monday night Raw is one of my favourite.

    "progress shot drawing of a thoughtful ageing woman"

    More so, I am a lover of Crypto. I fell in love with Crypto 2018 when a close friend of mine introduced me to a crypto enthusiast group. The group was educative with a lot of information on the topic that currently attracts me.

    I hope to expand my horizons here by making a bunch of new friends from all walk of life and checking out lots of groups.

    Hopefully, I will contribute my own quota to the growth of this community as a whole.

    Thank you.

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      @maxwell-marcus welcome to bearshares, I am sure you will love it here.


      Thanks so much. Yeah, I hope so.



      Thanks so much. It feels good to be here.

      Welcome! Like you, I'm also New here to this kind of Platform...


      Wow! That's really great. How did you discover this platform?