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    Hello everyone's

    Hi friends who are on the Bearshares platform, introduce ... I am a newcomer here. My name is Muhammad Ashaf-Syuhada, I am one of the sons of the City of Lhokseumawe Aceh Indonesia, born and raised in the region.


    And to this day I still live in that area, if you have ever visited the city of Lhokseumawe, of course you are very familiar with one of the locations hanging out in the old terminal close to the Lego park, or if you often visit in one of the places Syaref Pomegranate or Kupie Ulee Kareng where I often play and hang out with friends.


    I myself work for one of the government bureau that is engaged in education in elementary schools. That means I am one of the teachers at the school. In addition to teaching at the school it also teaches children in the field of religious science if the local population says that they are Semeubeut Teachers, children who learn are aged 07-17 years, which are divided into 3 classes namely,

    ClassAgeClass name

    Although the age of the children has been determined to sit on the bench but there are also adult children aged 20 years and over but students aged 20 years and over study every week only once.

    In formal school I served as the vice-principal who had just been appointed by an element of government during this Covid19. So with the mandate burdened, I had to work very hard because being a vice-principal was very complicated in managing school administration.


    When talking about hobbies of course everyone has it because every human being always wants something, so do I, I really like to exercise also likes writing, reading, and likes tame animals.

    Then also like the insect species which are always present in green plants. In this case I also joined my research team colleagues in observing every animal that disturbs crops that are being managed by farmers, especially for green plant managers. This activity is supported by the North Sumatra government in carrying out this activity. In the organization I was given the function as an early researcher in observing every animal, especially insect species.

    Why join here

    In this case, I am familiar with the Bearshares platform upon notification by one of my colleagues who has joined in it, he has an account called @d-stria, for his direction and for his referral I was given an account that I named @as-haf. Hopefully my presence here is liked by friends who have long joined in it.

    Thus my introduction in the Bearshares platform, I hope my presence will be liked. Finally, I say thank you very much.

    I have accounts on several platforms with links,

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      The best lah. Hehehe...


      Thank you very much @d-stria

      Mantap that,, semoga postingan2 selanjutjih beu bertus hehe


      Terima kasih kasih banyak kawan @salim-002

      Friends can join by clicking on my referral.

      Kop bereh rakan, lon kaloun bak twetter droe neuh, semangat terus dan teruslah berkarya, peu haba steemit?


      Terima kasih kawan atas keikutsertaan anda dalam platform ini, jangan lupa introduce dulu ya! Mengenai steemit tidak di ketahui karena telah lama tidak membuat postingan pada platform tersebut.

      Selamat datang di Bearshares @as-shaf. Terima kasih sudah menggunakan tagar #teamindonesia.


      Terima kasih banyak @teamindonesia telah mendukung saya