Extremists killed 20+ Muslims in Indian Capital

in india •  last month

    Hi everyone,

    I am getting horrible visuals, of extremists terrorists, are murdering Muslims on streets, destroying Masjids(Muslims Prayers place) in Indian Capital New Dehli

    => Indian's PM Modi, recently passed a bill of citizenship, asking Muslims to prove their citizenship
    it is as if, they don't belong to the land, they have been living throughout centuries

    => because of this bill, rage aroused, and everyone is going mad

    I don't know is wrong with this world, why can't we all live together peacefully

    => Human rights organizations of the world don't care much about us, they never stood or will probably never stand with Muslim community
    everyone in my country is getting angry over this issue, and fearing more damage

    Let's hope for peace and pray for martyrs

    So lets at least write for them.
    Bilal Haider

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