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    Fossil fuels revolutionalized the World's Energy and Power sustainability, thousands of Whales and Orcas had been killed just to power our homes and industries; then, Mother nature got sick of seeing one of her many children been wiped off the face of the Earth and so therefore she came to the rescue of some of this unfortunate beings. Fossil fuel- Crude Oil was discovered in 1859 Oil Creek, Pennysylvania

    But it came with several devastating results, pollution of land, water, and the air. Oil spillage killed millions of aquatic lives, Gas flaring caused critical air pollutions and maybe this all came as punishment to the Cruelty of mankind to the Whales in our search for energy. What about the shenanigans of corruption that comes with Crude Oil explorations and it's by-products? All these were inevitable because it is the major source of Revenue for several Countries and States, only a few knew the good side of this Oil; the health usage and benefits of one of Worlds most precious Liquid or Semi-Liquid as the case may be.


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    The same Crude Oil that comes with several reported cases of pollution and deaths to man and nature can heal over seventy diseases according to Medical specialists at Naftalan Health Center in Baku, Azerbaijan Europe/Asia. Taking a bath in warm specially refined Oil that is produced in Naftalan Azerbaijan is very healthy and famous Therapeutic treatment.

    This special oil can heal more than seventy diseases, including neurological diseases, skin conditions, and impotence- Hashim Hashimov, Medical Specialist at Naftalan Health Center; Baku,

    Considered as more effective than seaweed wraps or "mani-pedis", this special Oil immersing spa session last no less than or more than 10 minutes; over staying in the bath could cause trouble to the rate of heartbeats.


    The Oil is placed under temperature to be heated to approximately 40 Degrees Celcius; 104 Degree Farenhite by the health/spa center technicians and once the temperature is attained, a client/patient is permitted in the oil immersion baths for just 10 minutes. Another 40 Minutes is dedicated to scrapping the oil off the body of the individuals semi-submerged in the oil and the removed oil goes back into a preserving tank for future users to pay for. Logically, nobody could just take a bath in any crude oil, only the oil produced in Naftalan Azerbaijan could be used for this purpose because it is completely not the same with any commercial oil. It has a special property that the indigenous scientist of the Nation stated contains "curative effects".


    Taking Brent Crude Oil as an example from all trading platforms which cost $57 USD/Barrel, over three times of this is paid in price for 10-to-12 bath sessionsns. Approximately $200 to $240 could be charged depending on the spas offerring the services. Though it is considered to be too heavy to have value commercially, yet it attracts patients/clients from Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan etc. A practice that has been very prominent since the 1980's.

    What US Department of Health has to say:

    It contains 50% Hydrocarbon known as Naphthalene, an active ingredient in Tar coal soaps used to treat Psoriasis by Dermatologists.

    Although it is used in low concentration in special soaps, American researchers are still in dispute over soaking one's body in Naphthalene rich oil. According to the US Department of Health and Human services:

    "Naphthalene is reasonably anticipated to be a human "Carcinogen" and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that Naphthalene is possibly Carcinogenic to humans because there is enough evidence that naphthalene causes cancer in animals, but not enough evidence about such an effect in humans."

    To conclude, if there was no conclusive evidence of the effect of Naphthalene causing cancer in humans; then a crude Oil bath could be super adventurous and it would not be a crime to give it a try.

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