New Fantasy Golf League

in golf •  8 days ago

    Hi Friends,

    If you follow my blog then you know I like sports. I like many different sports and play in a few different fantasy leagues and “one day” fantasy games like on FanDuel.

    My father in law recently invited me to join him and his buddies in their fantasy golf league where you pick players at the beginning of the year, and then the scoring is based on how much money they earn during the season, with certain multipliers for the Majors and World Golf Classic events.

    The buy in is $100, so not a cheap league, but I am joining and am excited to get a new golf season underway.


    I haven’t submitted my players yet, but I think I am going to put in a little extra effort to see if there are any sleepers that might do well this year, in addition to the marquee players.

    Hope I didn’t throw away $100 though!

    I appreciate you coming by today,


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