A Special Gift

in gift •  5 months ago

    Hi friends,

    I was at a family get together today - a birthday party for a nephew - and my grandpa Ed pulled me aside and said he had something to give me from inside his car.

    We then went out to his car, and he gave me a couple f things he didn’t need, including an old fishing pole. But one thing was a special gift that he wanted me to have - an old rucksack from his time in the Army!


    The rucksack has his name on it, and was the one he used when we was in the Korean War. He thought I would appreciate it, and he is right.... what a special gift!

    I am still trying to figure out where I will display it... I was thinking about a prominent spot in the garage, but am still undecided.

    Thanks for stopping by today,

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      That is pretty special!

      It's always nice to get meaningful/heartfelt gifts like that from family...

      GIFTS are always great