World’s First Passenger Drone

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    Creativity and Innovation often must work together.

    Many of us have been playing and using drone for leisure even for movie making.

    China created the first passenger drone and used to deliver holiday gifts few years back.

    Video Source

    We must admit that drone is not new, but making a bigger model to become a flying vehicle in the air, becomes an innovation using the existing technology.

    Successful businesses often depend on how one can innovate constantly before his competitors.

    We are living in a world where technology is constantly moving forward without stopping.

    Our children and students would face more challenges in the future so the need to cultivate innovation and creativity to cope and compete with others would be the life skill we cannot ignore.

    China used to be a country where we would not associate innovation and technology with it but it has become the world main manufacturers with many new technologies like the one shown in the videoclip.

    As parents and teachers, we must provide opportunities especially when our children and students face a problem or challenge to get them to think out of the box to solve the issue.

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