Online Gaming Platform For Education – PaGamO

in fun2learn •  9 days ago

    In the game, students build their own kingdom of knowledge with more than 40 different terrains.

    It has cooperation challenge that need cooperation of players to defeat the Boss.

    When students answer the questions correctly, their correct answers would be converted to power to attack the Boss.

    Students will receive attack from the Boss when they answer the questions wrongly.

    Video Source

    With this gaming platform, teachers can assign homework that students would be motivated to do it in order to complete the game missions.

    Teachers would be able to get students to enjoy the thrill of video games while getting information about their learning progress with PaGamO powerful tools for monitoring with statistics of passing rate and weaknesses for improvement.

    It is indeed another online gaming platform that teachers can explore.

    Below is the link to the online gaming platform for education.

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