Another Boost For Bitcoin as Billionaire admits it is Similar to Gold

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    There has been a debate raging for quite some time now between Bitcoin (BTC) bulls and gold investors. The group of Bitcoin (BTC) bulls were of the opinions that cryptocurrency is a proper alternative to gold while gold investors actively rebut that sentiment coming up with their own claim that BTC do not have inherent value, unlike gold.

    However, fortunately for the proponents of Bitcoin, they seem to have recorded a win in this debate after a prominent billionaire and television star agreed and said it in his statement that BTC is, in his eyes, a proper alternative to gold.

    The billionaire, Mark Cuban recently said in his statement with an explaination that he sees very clear similarities between Bitcoin and gold, and he further affirmed that he finds Bitcoin to have little inherent value.

    In my own opinion, I think this is sure another boost that will foster the driving of mass adoption to the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Thanks for reading.

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