When I was making upto 300$ daily with my forex bot, I will show you proof

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    Hi friends,

    I want to share this story with you today.
    When I was doing Forex it was the best financial times of my life. I was making more money in a day, than one can make in a whole month

    Forex is a market with ginormous 5 Trillion $$$ daily trading volume

    It is currency exchange market.

    People buy and sell currencies for profit online via trading platforms through a broker.
    A broker is an entity which connects you with liquidity providers and with the other traders around the world.
    You buy and sell currencies and you make profit or loss doing that. It is also a game BANKERS play

    anyway So I was making forex bots, Automated trading softwares based on smart trading strategies ..
    A bot is a computer program, who trades for you, makes profit or loss for you.

    Yes it is a real thing

    Here is my video, I made a forex Hedging Expert Advisor (automated robot which is using hedging strategy)
    In this video I am showing two accounts

    1. test account, brokers give you a test account with fake money .. that you can use to test your bots and stuff
    2. Real account, with real money

    I was trading for an investor who trusted me with his 10,000$,
    I used his money and my bot and made him like 50% profit in 14 days.

    I also made losses, I was not always profitable

    I am telling you this because before joining crypto world and before making mobile games I was doing forex.

    1. I did forex to cover my college expenses
    2. I made trading strategies and trading bots for investors. (most of them were good)
    3. I recorded a lot of youtube videos about forex bot programing

    and now I am coding and coding and making no money at all :p

    Bilal Haider

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      Gimana cara gabung ke bot Forex

      Perhaps you can start running trading bots again and use those funds to buy up bears or bear dollars and burn them. We need something here to give the underlying token some value, otherwise we may just be spinning our wheels here.


      this thing(bearshares company) will work, if you (the USERS) will go out and bring in people.
      with people using the platform. revenue will get generated.. and then I can do my magic
      cause I cannot use my bots without having the money to play with..
      I am broke..


      But that's the thing, no one wants to come if the token has no value. They would rather stay on platforms that all their friends are already on. There needs to be an incentive to come here. The token having value is what brings them in... without it, it's very difficult to get much of anyone to come.


      @doc if someone is here for money he/she better take his/her ass out of here I guess .. and find a place where they do get the money and worry not about bearshares anymore
      => cause there won't be any incentives for a long time
      => until we get a lot of people using the platform, with no one helping, doing the promotion, it is not going to happen anytime soon.