Right Way To Celebrate 2019

in food •  10 days ago

    Hi Friends,

    A few days ago, my wife and I finally got to celebrate and give each other cheers for a great 2019 in so many ways. Not that I like to get too sentimental about things, but it is good to look back and be grateful for the many good times during the year.

    We put the kids down slightly early and I grilled a couple of 18 ounce ribeye steaks. We also broke out a nice bottle of red wine that a friend got us from Tuscany, Italy when they were visiting there.


    Both the steak and the wine were fantastic! Now I am officially ready for 2020 – bring it on!

    I also set a goal of eating 15 steaks over 1 pound this year – there is the first steak toward that goal 😃

    Thanks for coming by today,


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      Looks yummy!

      Just need to add asparagus!

      Its looking really yammy