Want to be happy? Start small and simple

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    Still confused about what you do when you are at home? Actually there is nothing you need to be afraid of, because there is a lot of female work that we can do to ease the duties of the wife

    Feeling happiness is every human's dream, but to what extent do we understand the meaning of happiness and what makes us happy? Happiness does not always come from the best things, the most expensive and even the most beautiful from what we have, but happiness comes from the way we respond to what we have

    In this life many people know what to do, but few do what they know, knowing is not enough, but must go through action

    Make family happy


    Happiness is not always measured by wealth, but simplicity and togetherness and cooperation between family members are much happier

    Start from small things first, for example making a cooking menu together and new things that we rarely do, such as frying bananas and tempeh as an additional menu for breakfast in the morning and at night

    Within a few days while at home, I have made some new tips for being happy with family and neighbors, but it turned out well, family and neighbors felt very happy. I also just understood, that happiness can also arise from small and simple things

    Cassava or sweet potato


    First, prepare some cassava or sweet potatoes for the ingredients we are going to fry, then cut into small pieces or with variations like in the picture above. You can get it at the market or from the garden


    I prefer both because it tastes very crispy and delicious, especially accompanied by a glass of coffee or tea



    Bananas are one of the easiest ingredients to find on the market, even wherever you have no trouble getting them

    Do as above with a slight variation, because it will be easier for you when frying it. Fried bananas are ready to be your friends in the family, with friends and fellow neighbors, especially accompanied by a glass of coffee as a partner



    The last ingredient as a complement to happiness in your family and neighborhood is tempeh. You will not have difficulty getting it, because it is always available in the markets around you


    Tempe contains a lot of nutrients that make our body always stamina, besides that, fried tempeh is a favorite food for everyone. Do the same thing, which is to cut with the variations you want

    Flour Dough


    Entering the last stage is the flour mixture. I use the local rose brand flour as a mixture, then add a little celery, garlic, and carrot slices

    All of the above ingredients are ready to be stirred with flour dough and ready to be fried one by one. Try the flour mixture a little thick so the results of fried crispy



    This is a simple recipe for happiness, you can immediately try it. Easy and simple, but I'm sure the results will make you happy, both with family, neighbors and with your friends and relations, good luck

    Reference Source My Blog
    Original photo and writing by @art-bear


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      Wow that looks delicious. I will make that one too. Thanks for sharing