Family wars

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    Families have variants of issues, but that's called being family members because there is an automatic forgiveness button in every member. Unfortunately, not all family forgives each other, there have been reported cases of family members murdering each other. In Africa, Juju is the Alternative, members of a household dies mysteriously over nothing or something, one of the most delicate and complicated reason why these evil persist is wealth and properties.

    From an African perspective, too much wealth is as evil as been poor. Although this is a global problem, I speak of Africa because of the first hand experience of mysteries surrounding household feuds due to wealth and property distribution amongst families and relatives. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest human madness and foolishness to kill or wreck Havocs over a deceased person's belongings, something someone else sweat and worked for to amass, and then lives will be lost over who owns what or who takes what sizes.

    As I write this piece, in bitterness, I'm praying for a family not to lose one of their siblings to issues similar to the aforementioned ones, it is scary to think someone you know will go into depression and take their life over family feud. I hope my fears get quenched and peace reigns, with no casualties or life lost.

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