Technical Analysis 1 June 2020 ETH

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    Ethereum (ETH/USD) retraced some recent losses during today’s North American session as the pair moved back to the 240.59 area after trading as low as the 229.46 area during the Asian session. Traders later took the pair back to the 242.38 area early in the European session, just above the 242.09 area that represents an upside price objective related to buying pressure that originated around the 90.00 area in March. The pair traded as high as the 247.36 area during the weekend, a fresh multi-week high. Above current price activity, upside price objectives include the 251.22, 251.87, 260.23, and 262.90 areas. Last week, Stops were elected above the 216.99 and 227.50 areas and traders will pay close attention to how price activity reacts around these areas. Appreciating ranges that are technically significant include the move from 148.08 to 227.50, the move from 123.72 to 227.50, the move from 176.43 to 216.99, and the appreciation from 90.00 to 227.50.

    Important technical levels related to those ranges include the 208.76, 203.01, 197.16, 195.10, 187.79, and 175.02 levels, and traders are very interested to observe how price activity reacts around these levels. Below current market activity, traders continue to monitor the 196.56 and 177.39 levels as downside price targets, both of which relate to selling pressure that emerged around the 253.01 area in early March. Additional downside areas of potential technical support include the 190.93, 186.00, 185.39, and 185.11 areas. Chartists are observing that the 50-bar MA (4-hourly) is bullishly indicating above the 100-bar MA (4-hourly) and above the 200-bar MA (4-hourly). Also, the 50-bar MA (hourly) is bullishly indicating above the 100-bar MA (hourly) and above the 200-bar MA (hourly).

    Price activity is nearest the 50-bar MA (4-hourly) at 216.91 and the 50-bar MA (Hourly) at 237.63.

    Technical Support is expected around 213.66/ 206.29/ 191.27 with Stops expected below.

    Technical Resistance is expected around 251.22/ 253.01/ 260.23 with Stops expected above.

    On 4-Hourly chart, SlowK is Bearishly below SlowD while MACD is Bearishly below MACDAverage.

    On 60-minute chart, SlowK is Bullishly above SlowD while MACD is Bullishly above MACDAverage.

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