Weird Away From Classroom

in education •  13 days ago

    As a teacher, it really felt weird to be away from our school for so long.

    I had to have meeting almost thrice a week using google meet with different teachers which was a technology that I had never learnt or tried until the Covid-19 issue appeared.

    I had to coach my students online using google meet and post their daily work using google classroom. These were also new to many of the teachers and we had to learn as we use.

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    The lack of physical contact with our students can be hard.

    Many of my students shared that they missed school since they were literally trapped at home for many weeks without going out due to lockdown.

    The teacher in the videoclip felt quite emotional when she had to pack the things of her students since she did not know when the lockdown could end.

    Memory flashed back when we visited the school area was definitely normal.

    Things would not go back to normal even when we can go back to school as the number of cases may not have totally under control.

    Learning is a never ending process and many teachers like me have learnt a lot about how to teach online during this challenging period.

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