Teaching From Home

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    I had to start teaching from home when the government decided to have a lockdown due to Covid-19.

    I did not expect it to happen so soon and it caught many teachers like me by surprise.

    Teaching from home really makes it hard to have a good work-life balance.

    Video Source

    In the above videoclip, Michelle shared about her experience in teaching from home.

    When I first started teaching from home, I woke up early in the morning but I stayed up until around 10 p.m.

    It was long hours and I felt that I can never complete my work from home since marking was also done online and it took a longer time.

    Time was a challenge and getting my pupils to do their work at home was another challenge.

    Some may have treated it as an extra school holiday so I had to contact parents to get things done.

    Life of a teacher whether in school or teaching from home is not as easy when I compared it to the early days.

    When there is more use of technology to enhance learning, there are more preparation work out of the curriculum time.

    Learning should never end regardless of how difficult it is to educate our children.

    Our present sacrifice is the success of the future generation.

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