On a Doggie weekend- The Fellowship of the Huskies

in dogs •  2 months ago


    The Husky Pups are meeting together for the first time at the vet, i wonder what's going through their doggie mind. "Why do you look so much like me, walk like me, wag your tails like mine and smell like me". I'm sure those were their thoughts through the sniffing and checking out charade. One seems to be more curious than the other, you guessing what i am guessing? It definitely has to be the boy because of its somewhat bigger size than the other.

    Generally Huskies are of Siberian decent, the pups erect triangular ears are one of the distinctive features with their thickly furred double coats. They could well up to 12 or 15 years(Max Life expectancy) and the males are a bit bigger( taller and longer) plus heavier than the females. They were bred for sleding( a dog race in the snow), their fast pulling styles make them ideal and a distinctive sled dog breeds.

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