Aceh Then and Now (my story)

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    Since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Aceh in 2004, many changes have taken place. especially the lives of people who live along the coast


    One of the hardest-hit coastlines is a fishing landing place which is about 10 kilometers from where I live. this place is a center for the sale and purchase of fish by fishermen as well as a transit center for small fishing vessels by every fisherman

    For several years this place is like a dead city. Nobody dared to play here, let alone to stay and settle down. after hundreds of lives died, fear and trauma were experienced by the local community

    However, the sense of trauma experienced by the local community slowly disappeared. the development of facilities and infrastructure continues to be enhanced by the central government, regional governments and assistance from foreign governments from various countries



    One of the assistance from the foreign government is the construction of embankments to cope with the recurrence of the tsunami. Besides that, a traditional market as a transaction place for fishermen was also built. In addition, in this place also has built several learning places for children so they can forget the long trauma


    I was able to record some beautiful moments when I was there. One of them is the happiness felt by children who live around the place. Like two little kids playing on the embankment. they play as though they are carefree and without fear of danger. They really enjoyed that happiness




    Now, the place that was once considered the most frightening became one of the tourist destinations. Because here has been built several facilities and infrastructure for the surrounding community, such as the construction of houses of worship, educational institutions, tsunami detection centers, traditional fish markets, tsunami victims and other memorials. In fact I see almost every morning and evening this place is visited by both local and outside the community. Some are just fishing, some are playing with family and some come to record the sunrise and sunset moments


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    Original photo and writing by @art-bear


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