Fairy Tales - Snow White and 7 Dwarves

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    Fairy Tales - Snow White and 7 Dwarves

    In ancient times, there was a queen who gave birth to a beautiful princess with red cheeks, white skin and thick black hair. The baby was given the name Snow White.

    But really unfortunate fate Snow White, his mother could not accompany longer in this world. The queen died and her father remarried. This new queen is beautiful, her name is Queen Elvira, but her character is full of envy and envy. Only selfish.

    Queen Elvira has a magical object that she loves the most, a magic mirror. Every day he asks his mirror,

    "Mirror of Bengal, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?"
    "Ooo, queen, you are the most beautiful woman in the world!" answered the magic mirror.

    However, Snow White is getting bigger and bigger and every day is getting more beautiful. One day, the Queen again asked the magic mirror,

    "Mirror of Bengal, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?"

    This time the magic mirror gave another answer, "Ooo, queen, Snow White is the most beautiful woman in the world!". Instantly the Queen's face became sullen, pale and angry.
    Since that incident, the Queen really hates Snow White, while Snow White is increasingly beautiful. With anger, the Queen called for a hunter,

    "Take Snow White to the forest," he ordered.
    "Kill him and bring his heart to me."

    The hunter brought Snow White to the forest, but he did not have heart to kill

    "Run and don't come back." the hunter whispered to Snow White.
    "Oh, thank you, old man, I will never forget your kindness." said Snow White.

    Snow White does not know the way and she is very scared.

    "Oh, where should I go?" she cried.

    He continued to walk alone. The dense forest made him feel scared. Finally, he saw a cabin in the open. He approached the hut and peeked inside. The room is small and weird! There are seven small chairs and seven small plates. Along the wall are seven small beds. No one. Because it was very cold outside, Snow White entered the cabin, then lay down on one of the beds. Due to exhaustion he finally fell asleep.
    Snow White quickly went to sleep. He did not know that the cottage belonged to seven dwarves who worked in the mine all day. The seven dwarves are
    Doc, the oldest and wisest dwarf among his friends. He is the leader of this dwarf. The most obvious characteristic is the glasses and the long, thick beard
    Dopey, although given the nickname dopey by other dwarves, it does not mean he is stupid. This dwarf is innocent and childish. He never spoke.
    Sleepy, the dwarf who likes to sleep. But even so, he was a diligent worker dwarf.
    Grumpy, grumpy dwarf. He always grumbles. Nevertheless, his heart is kind.
    Sneezy, a dwarf who has a habit of sneezing in certain situations.
    Happy, always happy dwarves.
    Bashful, shy dwarf. When shy, he always twists his beard while smiling shyly. Although shy, Bashful is a brave dwarf.
    When they came home and lit seven candles,

    "Jeez! There are people here !" one of the dwarves exclaimed.

    He was surprised when he saw Snow White sleeping on the bed.
    Because of that cry, Snow White finally woke up from her sleep and the seven dwarves immediately gathered around her.

    "This girl is beautiful! "They said.

    Then Snow White tells about her mother, the evil Queen. After telling the story, the girl became sad so she began to cry ...

    "Cup, cup, cuuuup ......!" said the good dwarf.
    "Stay with us. Here you are safe from that evil woman. "

    Snow White gladly accepted the offer.
    In the palace, the Queen again stood in front of her magic mirror. He did not know that the hunter was actually not carrying out his orders. The heart he showed was the heart of a hunted animal, not the heart of Snow White.
    While rubbing his hands with satisfaction, the queen smiled and said,

    "Mirror of Bengal, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?"
    The magic mirror unexpectedly answered, "Ooo, queen, Snow White is the most beautiful woman in the world!"
    "Huh what? Isn't Snow White killed by the hunter? " the Queen asked the magic mirror back.
    "Not the Queen, Snow White is not dead. The hunter did not kill Snow White. The heart carried by the hunter is the heart of a hunted animal. "
    "Then where is Snow White now?" said the queen.
    "In the middle of the jungle, where seven dwarves live, that's where Snow White is."

    With anger, the Queen drew up an evil plan to harm Snow White.
    The next day, the seven dwarves left for the mine where they worked. Snow White tidied the hut while humming. He swept and mopped the floor, also cleaning household furniture.
    Shortly thereafter, a grandmother knocked on the door. He was the Queen disguised as a traveling old woman.

    "Look at these good things, boy." he said with a little laugh.

    Snow White was so fascinated by the things carried by the old woman.

    "Try this one. This ribbon is perfect for you to wear and matches the clothes you wear. "

    Enchanted, Snow White let the old woman tie a pink ribbon around her neck to try it on. Suddenly the old woman tightened her ties! Snow White suffocated and fell to the ground. The dwarves found Snow White lying almost dead. They let go of the ribbon and the girl could breathe again. The next morning he was healthy again.

    "The hawker is the evil queen," said the dwarf.

    And before the dwarves go to work, they tell them not to open the door for strangers. Meanwhile, the magic mirror again informs the Queen that Snow White is not dead. Queen was angry and he disguised himself again, now he disguised himself as a friendly grandmother comb seller.
    Again, Snow White almost died because the comb was poisonous. This time the dwarves became furious.

    "Anyone may not enter the house," they said firmly.

    When the Queen found out from the magic mirror that she failed again, her anger peaked. He was determined to kill Snow White.
    The next day, the Queen disguised herself again and this time she brought a basket of poisoned apples. He knocked on the dwarf's cottage door.

    "Do not open the door, sweet child," he said slyly.
    "But try this ripe apple. It feels very fresh and delicious! "

    Snow White was not suspicious of the ripe red apple and took a large bite. Only a few moments after he bit the apple, his body cramped and then fell to the floor.
    When the dwarves returned home late in the evening, they found Snow White lying on the floor. All efforts to save him are in vain. He lay silent and cold.

    "We have lost the most beautiful girl in the world," they wailed sadly.

    Meanwhile, far away in the palace, the Queen stood proudly in front of her mirror.

    "Bengal mirror, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?"
    "Queen Elvira, the most beautiful woman in the world," answered the magic mirror.

    The dwarves cannot part with Snow White. His cheeks were still red, his skin was snow white, and his hair was black as ebony. Therefore, the dwarves made a box of glass and they carefully laid Snow White in it.
    The lying girl looked as if she were sleeping. Day and night the dwarves stand beside the coffin. One evening a young prince passed by. As soon as he saw Snow White, he fell in love.

    "I beg of you, allow me to bring it back to my palace. So he can lie down properly in the palace. "

    The dwarves finally agreed.
    On the way, down the mountain. At one time when one of the servants of the casket stumbled, suddenly out of Snow White's mouth came a piece of apple that had been stuck in her throat.
    Snow White opened her eyes and looked at the Prince. The Prince is of course absurdly happy. With sparkling eyes he said,

    "I love you, will you be my wife?"

    Snow White nodded happily.
    They waved when they saw the beautiful girl departing with the Prince. Snow White finally married the Prince. They lived happily until old age. Meanwhile the evil Queen Elvira finally dies by her own evil intentions, when she wants to go kill Snow White. Queen Elvira fell into a deep ravine along with her horse carriage.

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