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    Dad Tip of the Day: Parents should do what they can to set their kids up to have great sleep.

    As parents, we are often exhausted at the end of the day after watching young children. There is essentially “no breaks” when it comes to being a full time parent, but that is also the joy of parenthood – you get to walk through life with them.

    So sleep is essential for both you and your kids. There are obiviously many benefits to sleep – refreshment, mind sharpness, physical appearance, etc – so I thought I would share a good areticle I found laying out how much sleep kids should be getting, according to the experts at the Sleep Foundation:

    Newborns (age 0 -4 months): 10.5 – 18 hours per day

    Infants (age 4 -11 months): 9 – 12 hours per day

    Toddlers (age 1 – 2 years): 11 - 14 hours per day

    Preschoolers (age 3 – 5 years): 11 -13 hours per day

    School Age (age 6 – 13 years): 9 – 11 hours per day

    Pretty interesting to me, and it sure sounds like a lot, considering I get about 5.5 - 7 hours per day as an adult.

    Kids sometimes fall asleep in the strangest positions – here is a picture of my son Jacob sleeping last night:


    Haha, doesn’t look too comfortable to me!

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      Haha mine do as well!

      The funniest is when they are little and sleep on their stomach with their rump in the air!

      Good morning bro