Crypto Movement Today

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    Today has not been good for crypto most coins are down, with Bitcoin hovering above $9,000.00, I really thought it would have consolidated itself after the Halving, it will probably take more time for that. But crypto is not logical, expect surprising things because it always ends up going where you least expect it.

    Now I am not an expert, not even close, I just like looking at trends and try to guess where things are going, it seems to me that crypto will all of a sudden sky rocket and most coins will see very good prices. I expect coins like 1UP, Electroneum and perhaps Vitae to see massive gains in the near future, of course this is just my opinion don't think it is advise.

    I think Bitcoin will break out soon and see that bull run everyone is waiting for, I had some BTC but I had to sell it, so I won't profit from the bull run, still I want it to happen and have Crypto establish itself as a mainstream means of payment as soon as possible, I want the moment when I can have a Crypto card and can use it anywhere as long as I have enough crypto backing it.

    Well we shall see what the future brings, I expect some bumps all this year what with the pandemic, but this pandemic will pass, and I think we will see a new world in front of our eyes. So I think it looks cloudy in the near future. but shiny beyond that.

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