Desain Maskot Dewabiz

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    Business Field:
    Hostng unlimited, domain, dedicated server, SEO

    Brand Story
    Dewabiz is a company engaged in the sale of hosts, domains, servers and cheap SEO services. Dewabiz is a hosting, domain, dedicated server and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service provider company
    all of which exist to develop the existence of digital businesses. The name "Dewabiz" is inspired by the word god and business the meaning of the god of digital business, where Dewabiz will continue to develop products related to servers, hosts, domains, services website, seo services and so on. Has advantages compared to real companies, namely: server infrastructure itself, while The opportunity that is exploited is the presence of MSMEs and Indonesian online businesses. The target audience is corporate, government, school, campus, MSME and Indonesian online businesses.

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