THE "COLD ROOM" And A Chilled Conspiracy Of Silence

in brs-africa •  9 days ago

    The UniLag management should not insult our collective intelligence by claiming that it is unaware that there exist a cold room in the Senior Staff Club on its campus, where the
    bodies of its students young women they owe a duty of care are served chilled, to satiate the amorous thirst of its randy senior staff.
    They shouldn't! Aren't some of these senior members of staff members of the administrative committee, as well as the university senate both of which represent the highest echelon of power in the university committee ? How come no one ever spoke up for those girls? The only reasonable answer, I'm afraid to concede, is that they're ALL in it-- either as actual perpetrators, or enablers, by turning a blind eye! So, when you say that the harassed students should have
    reported to the authorities, who exactly should they have reported to; how does a mere rat tell a big snake that part of its body is smothering it, without risking being swallowed completely? Of course, such a rat would rather endure being
    smothered instead of risking ending up in the belly of the big snake. I hope this analogy helps you understand how utterly powerless these victims must have felt, and why some of them may eventually succumb to the pressure, and give "consent" [Note: consent obtained by coercion, is no consent whether it is by physical force, subtle threat, or manipulation, it is same same] , knowing their future is at stake. Universities need to do better by their student female ones to be precise; they need to provide a safe environment for them; they need to hold members of their staff accountable; they need to do better!

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