Fiery intellect + slavish morality.

in brs-africa •  7 days ago

    Ahmad Lawan holds a PhD in Remote Sensing from Cranfield University, UK. A university lecturer for 10 years, he has also spent over 20 years as a senator, now serving as Nigeria’s Senate President. But despite his learning and experience, Ahmad mistakes parliamentary oversight for antagonism. Legislatures in all democracies have two core functions—law-making and oversight. Lawan leads a Senate whose members are expected to bob heads like lizards to every Buhari request.

    I have often wondered how Mohammadu Buhari easily captures intellect and subdues it to aberrant use. His campaign speeches are often missed by supporters who arrive two minutes late, still he has his audience, and is able to immobilize fiery intellect with basic education. Late David Tam-West, Itsay Sagay, Festus Keyamo, Yemi Osinbajo. Even Wole Soyinka became silent for too long and, when he wrote, the usual bite was missing.
    As debt-loving Buhari presents to the Senate yet another request to borrow about $30 billion, Ahmad Lawan may bless it with his notorious yesmanship, and Nigerians will pay dearly for it.
    Bukola Saraki ’s Senate rejected this request then and equally paid dearly. Such is our lot!

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