Book Review: The Simple Truth

in book •  5 months ago

    Hi Friends,

    I recently finished listening to an audiobook named The Simple Truth, by David Baldacci, so I wanted write a short review to see if any of you would also be interested in the book.


    This is a fiction novel, and is not part of a series, so it is a stand alone book. The author keeps you in suspense, as the true storyline is rolled out in multiple sections of the book, and, ultimately, the mystery is revealed at the end.

    The story centers around a pair of brothers who are in the legal field and their quest to find the truth in an appeal filed by someone serving a life sentence for the murder of a young girl. The truth of the murder is the storyline, and the brother’s investigation takes many twists and turns. The book also gives some insight into the inter workings of the US Supreme court, which was interesting. I will not spoil the full story, but the investigation and cover up make for a fast read.

    Overall, I give the book a 4 out of 5, as I found the book was engaging and entertaining. Let me know if you have read it or are interested after reading this!

    Thanks for reading today,


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      Was the truth indeed simple?

      I really do need to start figuring out some time for these types of things as well...