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    If my eyes could behold the beauty of the universe

    If my lips could taste the sweetness of the sweetest honey

    We could be one and be oblivious of our very existence

    Our bond could be like the very reins of a strong stallion

    Blood can't do the job of defining

    Let's sought for something more uncommon

    The group isn't what we want to thrive

    Let's be careful to make sure we strive

    If our hearts could be unified

    Maybe our souls would defy

    If i was meant to choose

    I would run like the boots of a striking army

    The earth would shiver like it's poseidon

    Let's not say!

    Sure i can slay...

    If it's for nay

    But it's for yea

    Touch me and bring me alive

    ALIVE to my very own world

    Feel the heat and cool me down

    Cause I would gladly freeze in your arms

    Happy val everyone cookie

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