Build and feed ur spirit

in blog •  last year

    A merry heart does good like medicine but a broken spirit dries the bone.

    I have seen kids in severe pains but guess what they still smile and try to play with their peers even in pain .
    while I have seen adults who without pain, but upon the knowledge of their impending illness or a negative medical results began to feel sick and paralysed immediately.

    The difference between the child and the adult highlighted above is a broken spirit. While the spirit of the child isn’t broken because he or she probably feels the pain is normal as a child and still attempt to smile,play etc the spirit of the adult is broken and stop functioning by this revelation .

    Build and feed your spirit up more than you do your flesh as the body answers to the spirit,when the body is sick the spirit can still carry you on and heal the body if you have invested in your spirit but if the spirit is broken who can heal,
    Thought for the wise™™™∆¶

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